the delicious foods recommended for dieting

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By bert dell 89 days ago

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to determining our health, let alone balanced with a healthy diet with delicious food, surely delicious is not it?

Many people are willing not to eat meat, pasta, or other foods for a healthy, lean and small waistline. But the fact is there are many types of healthy food that favors for the diet.

Although the word "delicious" is relative to everyone, but in general the following foods still taste delicious and delicious if consumed by many people.

Here are Some Healthy Foods for a Delicious Diet on the Tongue

Green tea

Green tea in addition to being the best antioxidant was also beneficial to lose weight, the way is to stimulate the body to burn fat. In a study of green tea also contains flavonoids that are useful for flying on bacteria, viruses and various other diseases, so we do not get sick easily.

Greek Yogurt

Protein content in greek yogurt more than ordinary yogurt, so the digestive process in our stomach runs longer, so we do not quickly feel hungry and this food is perfect to menu your healthy diet program.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Containing Water

According to a study that a woman who consumes a lot of water-containing foods (fruits and vegetables) has a lower body mass index and a smaller waistline. Experts speculate that the water content in the food makes the stomach feel full, consequently you will eat less.

You can take samples of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water such as watermelon, apple, pear, berry, melon and so on while vegetables such as cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, kale and many others.


In one study states that eating a single egg for breakfast can reduce the same weight when consuming bagel bread. Eggs are suspected to suppress appetite well after breakfast, because one egg contains 7 grams of protein, 75 calories and other nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

But for those of you who suffer from high cholesterol is advised to consume egg whites are cholesterol-free, so it is necessary to be selective again, or better in consultation to your family doctor.


Legumes are a good source of protein for our body in running a healthy diet process. Some types of these legumes also contain fiber, consuming this type of food also makes your stomach is not easily hungry fast, means full longer.

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