Restore your energy with the help of honey

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By bert dell 473 days ago

Many people choose honey as a natural sweetener and has a delicious flavor. According to the National Honey Board, a natural sweetener of honey can help to balance good taste in drinks or food.

Besides the delicious taste and a natural sweetener, did you know that honey also has some health benefits? Here are some benefits of honey for health.

Helps relieve cough

According to a study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, honey is good in relieving symptoms of cough and improving sleep. When one drinks honey, sweet liquid will coat the throat and soothes irritation.

Helps heal wounds

Honey is fairly potent in treating wounds. According to the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, they mentioned that the use of honey as a medicine and ointments. Each type of honey may help. In a study in the British Journal of Surgery, researchers Nigeria using honey to treat 59 patients with ulcers are difficult to heal. Infected wounds and ulcers become sterile within one week after being given honey.

Alleviate skin problems

Honey is also able to cope with a variety of skin problems such as skin peeling. A study in the European Journal of Medical Research using raw honey (90 per cent of honey diluted in warm water) to treat 30 patients with dermatitis seborik, the condition of the scalp associated with dandruff and itchy skin. After the participants were given a mixture of honey with lesions every day selala four weeks, the itching disappeared within one week.

Increases energy

Carbohydrates are present in honey can also increase your energy. 17 grams of carbohydrates from one tablespoon of honey can help increase your energy. Not only that, in addition to being a rich source of antioxidants carbohydrates, honey also contributes in stabilizing your blood sugar.

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