How does the mayo diet work??

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By bert dell 465 days ago

Keep in mind if the mayo diet is actually a long-term weight control that is noticed overall health, so not only determine the food menu. Diet mayo that really emphasizes the changes become more healthy habits.

Diet mayo begins with an initial period called Lose It! for two weeks. At this time five unhealthy habits replaced with a more healthy. For example, unhealthy eating habits that added sugar intake, sweets, meat dish and excessive dairy products, eating in a restaurant with no menu control and eat while watching television. Habit is replaced by eating a healthy breakfast, four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit per day, choosing whole grains and healthy fats and exercising for thirty minutes every day.

The food pyramid as a principle in the diet mayo, put vegetables and fruit as the highest consumption. Then followed with the intake of carbohydrates, meat and dairy products and fats. While sweet foods severely restricted each day.

Mayo diet also encourages physical activity and exercise. It is intended to help the body burn calories. Starting with a duration of about 5-10 minutes and be increased gradually. Recommendations from the mayo diet that is moderate intensity exercise of about 30 minutes per day. Such activity should be able to increase your heart rate and breathing and make the body sweat brisk walking or gardening.

Two weeks after that is the phase Live it! Currently you have to build a more active exercise plan while making food choices and appropriate portion of the healthy food pyramid diet mayo.

Restrictions Total Calories
There are several levels of caloric intake on a diet mayo. At the beginning of starting a diet mayo, for women with weight under 113 kg, the recommended calorie intake is 1,200 per day. Then to weigh 113-136 kg, required 1,400 calories per day, while for who weigh over 136 kg are advised to consume 1,600 calories per day.

For men, the caloric intake needed a little bigger. To weigh under 113 kg, it takes about 1,400 calories, weighing between 113-136 kg need 1,600 calories. Then to weigh more than 136 kg, will require 1,800 calories per day.

As an illustration, the intake of 1,200 calories per day consisted of 4 or more servings of vegetables, 3 servings or more of fruit, four servings of carbohydrate, 3 servings of protein or dairy products, and three servings of fat.

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