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  • The benefits of running for the body & why you shouldn't miss it

The benefits of running for the body & why you shouldn't miss it

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By bert dell 414 days ago

Running sports is not only cheap, but also easy and can be done anytime. Running has many benefits for the body, such as improving blood flow, improve health and fitness. In addition, the run also can trigger the hormones and enzymes that stimulate the heart and muscles work better.

In addition to facilitate blood flow in the body, running also has other benefits that can directly affect some parts of the body. Here are some benefits to the body run. see my Health Blog And Reviews first

    Losing weight can trigger Sports flee the burning of calories in your body. The number of calories burned is influenced by how fast and how far you run. Although the number of calories is also influenced by other factors such as weight, but at least in a distance of 1.5 km you can burn more than 100 calories from the body.
    Doing good for health knee running sports can contribute to a healthy knee, even though arthritis sufferers. Studies show that those who exercise run can reduce the risk of arthritis in the knee and hip, as well as stimulate the growth of cartilage in the knee.

    Preventing osteoporosis run sports can trigger the formation of new bone cells. This makes your bones stronger and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

    Running reduces the risk of coronary heart disease more than 16 km per week at least, can increase HDL, or good cholesterol in your body. Other benefits that can run you can, namely, reduced levels of triglycerides and fat in the body. And if you can increase the distance run up to 80 km per week, you will experience a significant increase in HDL. Research shows those who exercise regularly and run more than 50 minutes a week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to doing regular exercise, you need to support it with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Doing Sports Running Tips
While it is easy and can be done anytime, you should know some of the tips below for the results obtained more leverage and can reduce the risk of injury that might occur.

    Choose the right shoes to reduce the risk of injury
    Warm up before starting
    Start by walking for 10-30 minutes.
    Insert run for at least 2 minutes if you are strong enough to walk for 30 minutes.
    Extend the duration of your run slowly until you are able to run for 30 minutes.
    Perform cooling of walking slowly so that your heart rate back to normal.


In addition to following some of the tips above, if you do the first time running, you should start by doing it regularly twice a week. And if you have certain conditions, you should first consulted with your doctor.

Routine exercise run can indeed provide benefits to the body. But consider a few things before starting this exercise in combination with eating a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is also important. In order for the results achieved from this exercise can be maximized.