The surprising benefits from smiling

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By bert dell 451 days ago

A smile is one of the easiest and cheapest way to improve your health, improve your mood, make longevity, and even add to your happiness. A smile is more than just a sign that you're happy. Even a smile would not be sincere in order to give a positive effect, but it remains a genuine smile is the most good.

    The heart rate is slower.

    Smiling slow the heart rate and relaxing the body. This allows the heart does not work too hard. People who often smiled and laughed more able to avoid heart disease. Smiling can also reduce blood pressure.
    Reduce stress.

    Stress is a common problem in the modern world that cause a myriad of health problems. You can relieve stress enough to smile more often throughout the day. Smiling releases endorphins that can reduce and get rid of stress hormones.
    A better mood.

    Endorphins are also able to improve your mood. Feeling sad? Force yourself to smile, although it was not sincere at first, but your mood throughout the day was definitely better.
    Increase productivity.

    Smiling and laughing able to motivate workers to work harder after they enjoyed entertaining moments.
    Get confidence.

    Various studies show that a person can look more credible if he was smiling. Trust is an important factor in building a healthy relationship with others. And by having a reliable friends will certainly help reduce the stress load of mind.
    Generate empathy.

    When embarrassed or caught doing something strange, often your first response is to smile. This reflex response can reduce tensions and encourage others to empathize or understand because everyone must have done something shameful.
    Relieves pain.

    Benefits smile that follows next is to reduce pain. Endorphins are released when smiling can make the pain less.
    Improve concentration.

    Stress limit perspective and reduce your focus. A smile can restore the ability to concentrate and make it easier to complete a variety of tasks at the same time at the same time.
    Looks younger.

    Smile naturally raised the facial muscles and various studies show that people who look younger smiling about 3 years of age of the original.
    Strengthens the immune system.

    A smile helps the body so relaxed and this allows the immune system to react more quickly and more effectively in the fight against infectious diseases.

Enjoy the benefits of a smile while you can! Yes, a smile is a gift that needs to be exploited as best as possible, you can be happy with yourself and others.

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