Quick look how to use coffee drink as a friend for diet

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By bert dell 414 days ago

As a flavor enhancer, coffee drinks usually mixed with milk or creamer. Trends this time it mixes coffee with butter and coconut oil, which is also called "bulletproof coffee '. Coffee Trends was created by a man from New York, Dave Asprey.

Until now also a growing number of drinkers, including in Indonesia. Believed to be a mixture of caffeine and fat than butter and coconut oil into healthy recipes.

To know more about bulletproof coffee, you need to know the definition first. According to nutritionists Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, bulletproof coffee is coffee powder plus butter and oil MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) such as coconut oil (coconut oil), then mixed together in a blender.

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Jansen confirmed that in general the coffee, butter and oil MCT / saturated fat is a good source of food for health. However, anything consumed in excess can certainly cause problems for the body.

"For those who are on a ketogenic diet, that diet high in fat, adequate protein and low in carbohydrates, the drink is claimed to help improve the oxidation of body fat into energy to move," said Jansen to  Health recently.

He added that, for the manufacture of coffee is generally recommended to be done while the coffee is still hot. Not without reason, this method is done with the purpose to melt the butter were added to the coffee, so that the materials can be integrated easily.

"If the mixing is done in cold conditions, butter still be solid," said Jansen.

Want to know the effect is too often bulletproof consumption for health, as well as how the facts of the claims bulletproof healthy benefits of consumption of coffee? Listen  Health next article on this diet trend bulletproof coffee yes!

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