Shower too long and the effect to the skin

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By bert dell 395 days ago

Bath seemed to be a daily ritual that should not be forgotten. In a day, you need to take a bath at least twice a day. Moreover, bathing in the morning has been shown to rejuvenate the skin and make you look younger.

However, unknowingly, you often make mistakes while bathing. Instead of fresh and fragrant, after bathing you do not even get any benefit from bathing.
Why? Here's why.

1. Hot shower
The end of December with cold weather conditions make hot shower is the most appropriate choice. In fact, the heat makes the skin more sensitive. In addition to dry skin, hot shower also makes skin prone to irritation.

2. Too much use of soap
In tropical countries, it is only necessary to rub bath soap at certain points. Like the folds of skin, hands and feet. As for the sex organs, you need to wear special soap.

3. Use a scented soap
The fragrant soap has a hard detergent. This could make skin irritation, allergy to dry. So, you should choose a soap that is free fragrance or a fragrant level that is not too much.

4. Using a sponge
Bathing with a sponge can rip the skin naturally, making it easy to dry too scaly. In severe cases it can make skin hyper pigmentation or lichen amyloidosis. Usually this appears on the upper back, arms and other areas exposed to sunlight.

5. Wearing the same shampoo
No why wear a shampoo. But you need to know if the condition of the scalp can change with the changing seasons also age. You need to replace your shampoo according to hair condition to prevent damage.

6. Shower too long
Bathing too long can make the skin very dry and dehydrated. It's dangerous, of course

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