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The reason you can lose weight when doing unrecommended diet

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By bert dell 924 days ago

Mayo Diet Principle, USA, is different from the principle of Diet Mayo which is popular in Indonesia. If so, then why some users of this diet in Indonesia it can also successfully lose weight?

According to nutritionist Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, the composition of the human body consists mostly of water. Can be spelled even reach 55-75 percent. Well, of course there will be a weight loss if someone removes salt intake.

"The salt is osmosis, it absorbs water in the body, so the lost is not the weight of the body, it's only the water percentage in the 2 weeks that only water content is played, the body fat is still the same," Jansen concluded .

According to Jansen, this habit can be considered a danger, especially when viewed that this diet is seen as a solution to something. For example, a solution to lose weight at that time alone.

For example when the person feels his weight is normal and no need to limit eating again. Portion and diet can be excessive and make the weight back up.

"If we as a nutritionist will make that if not 'on diet', then it can not be thin.On the psychological side there are those who feel 'on diet' and 'off diet', so the diet is like a solution, even though the name of the diet Diet, not a solution 'Duh must diet ya,' "added Jansen.

Conditions like this according to Jansen at risk of making someone experience eating disorder. No less important, reducing the salt intake according to Jansen can also cause dehydration you know.

"Dehydration is not just a lack of drinking, electrolyte imbalance is also so dehydrate.That's why the runners athletes after running for hours need an electrolyte drink.Electrolyte is sodium and sodium yes," he explained to Health, as written on Wednesday.

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