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Too confident when execising may affect your bodybuilding program

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By bert dell 922 days ago

Losing weight or getting a captivating body shape is a healthy resolution of your new year? If so, do not hesitate to immediately register yourself to the nearest gym.

As a new experience, of course there are some common mistakes people make when they first go to the gym. To avoid it, of course you should know what those mistakes are.

Comparing yourself with others

As a beginner, of course you want to get the most out when going to the gym. But do not let this make you compare yourself with others, especially if the person gets better and faster results than you.

Believe that everyone is different. Ask the trainer if you can get better results in faster time. If he says the program you are doing is right, then go through the program and you will get the results in time.

Changing the exercise menu

Changing the practice menu without approval or consultation with the coach is a big mistake. Usually this happens when someone with a different workout menu gets better and faster results than you.

Though this should not be done. Remember that you have already discussed your goals and endurance before starting the program with the trainer. Changing the exercise menu in the middle of the road instead makes the results are not optimal and increase the risk of injury.

Go home in a hurry

Hurry, whatever your reason, is not useful when you're in the gym. Hurrying home can make connections between you and the trainer cut off.

We recommend a time to talk with the coach to review your exercise that day. Can also chat with fellow practice to get tips and advice about the exercise.

Too confident

Too confident just makes you look stupid in front of others. Especially if you 're the first time to the gym and have never tried to use existing tools.

Although you've heard or read about the exercises you want to follow, you'd better keep the knowledge to be asked to the coach. The coach who will show it to you, whether true or not

Surrender on the first day

Surrender on the first day is a crucial mistake. Because of the harshness of the exercise, you may think that this exercise is not for you and should stop.

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