signs if your diet methods tends to be unhealthy

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By bert dell 526 days ago

Fat is a risk factor for many diseases, but the desire for lean is also not healthier if it is excessive. Excessive size also varies, but can be assessed from the emergence of eating disorders. What is the sign?

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Here are some signs that indicate that someone is obsessed to be thin so that eating disorders, as quoted from Healthy Living MSN, Tuesday  

1. Never satisfied with body shape
"Negative and obsessive thoughts about body shape and size, which are key factors in various eating disorders, can appear very early," says Cynthia Bulik, PhD, an eating disorder expert from the University of North Carolina.

Often complaining about yourself like "I'm fat," is an example of an unhealthy self-image obsessed with wanting to be skinny.

2. Excessive exercise
Routine and measurable is the key to healthy exercise. If it is excessive, then the sport is no longer healthy and even shows the presence of eating disorders such as anorexia symptoms. Excessive size is of course different, but it can be considered unnatural if a day does not exercise direct panic, or still push yourself sports despite illness or injury.

3. The prestige of eating in public is appropriate
Always anxious when eating in a public place is not a good sign. For example, feel as if everyone saw and judged. These feelings are often experienced by people who experience eating disorders anorexia.

4. Growing fine hairs
People who experience nutritional deficiencies in a long time will usually experience smooth hair growth in the arms and other body parts. Smooth hair called lanugo is often found in patients with anorexia and is a physical adaptation of the loss of fat and body weight is not fair.

5. Love to cook food for others
Anorexic patients do not like to eat, but usually like to see others eat. Likes to cook and prepare food for others but herself is not fond of eating can be a sign of anorexia. In some cases, male anorexia is a hobby of collecting food recipes.

6. Dry and spotty skin
Signs of dehydration such as dry and spotty skin are common in people with anorexia. The worse effects are dry mouth, sunken eyes and an imbalance of electrolytes in body fluids.

Other skin disorders that are often found are Russell's sign or scar on the back of the hand. The bull is suffering from this wound because the back of his hand is scratched by the teeth while trying to induce vomiting.

Frequent cold
Reduced body fat causes a person difficult to adapt to cold weather. Anorexic patients often prefer to wear warm clothes despite the sunny weather.

8. Swollen cheeks
Swelling often occurs along the jaw line in patients with anorexia-bullimia eating disorder. This condition is sometimes accompanied also by swelling of the salivary glands.

9. Obsessed with healthy foods
Patients with eating disorders do not merely limit the portion of food, there is also a limit menu choices or commonly disbeut orthoreksia. In many cases, orthorexia characterized by picky foods that are considered healthy often develop into anorexia in general.

10. Have a special ritual before eating
Anorexia is often accompanied by behavioral disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), for example cutting food into pieces or arranging food according to a particular pattern. Sometimes this ritual is often done to distract people from the portions that are too small and unnatural.

11. Likes to make strange menu combinations
In fact this tendency is more often found in excessive eating behavior. The more weird the combination, the greater the tendency to overeat. But in essence, this tendency often appears in patients with eating disorders and not impossible also appear in patients with anorexia.