Postponing the meals are not recommended for body

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By bert dell 525 days ago

The success of a weight loss program depends not only on what is eaten, but also when a person eats. Lunch for example, should not be delayed until more than 3 pm because it can make fat fast.

It was revealed in a study at Brigham and Women's Hospital involving 420 people with weight problems. All participants who are involved are overweight, even some have entered the category of obesity.

Participants were included in the same diet program over a period of 20 weeks. Portion and menu settings are the same, but the schedule is not specified. Including lunch, there are lunches on time and there are often too late.

The results showed that participants who are used to lunch on time tend to be more successful in losing weight. Participants who ate before 3 pm fell 2.3 kg more than participants who ate lunch after 3 pm.

This difference is observed although it has been adapted to other factors such as caloric intake, as well as hormonal composition, especially leptin and ghrelin associated with appetite. It shows, lunch time becomes an independent factor ​​that affects weight.

"This study shows that eating time itself can play an important role in the regulation of weight," said one researcher, Marta Garaulet from the University of Murcia, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday  

In addition, the study also showed that frequent lunch delay pariters tend to skip breakfast. As is known, avoid breakfast is not good for the diet program because the intake of eating in the morning is important to maintain metabolism.

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