The nutrients to get for the weekends

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By bert dell 505 days ago

The weekend should be filled with fun things with your partner, sometimes even make up for those who are still single. In order not to easily stress or have other mental disorders, adjust the choice of food before it's too late.

It can not be denied, some people experience bad things on a Saturday night like a couple with a roommate or just because they do not have a partner. Whatever the cause, this turmoil can trigger stress and greatly reduce productivity when it should start work at the beginning of the next week.

Some food choices that need to be tried to save the rest of the weekend from turmoil as quoted from Indiatimes, Sunday (4/3/2012) are as follows.

1. Antidote Stress
One of the triggers of stress is oxidative damage in the brain, so the antidote is nothing but food with enough antioxidant content. Fresh fruits are the best source of antioxidants, as well as fiber and rubberoneids that help protect the brain from damage.

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If you enjoy drinking coffee or tea, limit it not to excess because caffeine can cause sleep disorders and will exacerbate oxidative damage in the brain during stress. It would be better if replaced with green tea, because it contains more antioxidants and flavonoids.

2. The antidote to depression
The content of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil is believed to be very useful to maintain the function of the nervous system, so it is more resilient to face stress and the possibility of depression. Two portions of food containing fish oil or flaxseeds are quite effective in warding off depression.

In addition, the risk of depression is also widely associated with damage to the adrenal glands. Foods that contain vitamin B3 such as toge, peanuts, meat and chicken eggs can improve the function of the adrenal gland so it is not easy to experience depression.

3. Hyperactive antidote
Hyperactive and difficult to focus attention also includes the characteristics of people being upset. According to a study in Mumbai India, similar symptoms such as growth disorders in this child can be appeased with the content of Gamma amino butyric acid in walnuts and gotu kola.

4. Anxiety antidote
Sugar and simple carbohydrates are the kinds of foods that should be reduced when the mood is restless, because these types of foods make the brain difficult to concentrate. The best option when the heart is nervous is dark brown, because in it contained flavanoids that nutritious mood improves.