Dieting problem that affect teenagers

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By bert dell 469 days ago

Teenagers still need a good intake of nutrition for the development and growth more leverage. But there are some nutritional problems that often attack teenagers.

When adolescence occurs physiological changes that can affect nutritional needs including for rapid growth, usually faster growth is more visible in adolescent boys. But teenagers sometimes choose inappropriate foods that affect the intake of nutrients that enter the body.

Here are some nutritional problems that affect many teenagers, as quoted from BBCHealth, Monday (01/16/2012) namely:

1. Iron deficiency
This condition is the most common. Rapid growth coupled with poor lifestyle and food choices can result in adolescents experiencing iron deficiency anemia, especially in young women when she has had her period.

The main food sources that contain iron are red meat, cereals, dried fruit, bread and green leafy vegetables. Non-meat sources of iron require other nutrient intake to increase absorption such as vitamin C-rich foods (oranges, blackcurrants and green leafy vegetables), while the tannin substances contained in tea can reduce iron absorption.

2. Lack of calcium
The survey found that about 25 percent of teenagers have lower than recommended intake of calcium, which affects their bone health in the future, one of which is osteoporosis that makes the bones fragile and breaks easily.

Bones will continue to grow and strengthened until the age of 30 years and adolescence is a very important time for this development. Nutrition needed such as vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus.

Rich sources of calcium that should be consumed are milk and milk products, such as a glass of milk, 150 grams of yogurt and a small piece of cheese. If you can not consume dairy products, then consume fortified soy milk, or if you are afraid of fat content choose low fat milk (low fat).

3. Lack of nutrition due to wrong diet
Studies have reported that many teenagers, especially women, are not satisfied with their weight, so dieting the wrong way such as skipping meals, avoiding red meat, but eating snacks and sugary foods.

This is not the right choice and healthy because at that age the body experiences accelerated growth that requires an increase in nutrition. If the diet is wrong then the body will get important nutrients in small amounts or not at all.

We recommend eating sensible foods, regular exercise, reducing sugary foods and lots of fat to reduce excess calories while still maintaining the nutrients that enter. In addition, adolescence is a time that many cause the development of eating disorders.

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