Your body stores more fat if you eat above 7PM?

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By bert dell 465 days ago

For people who are running a weight loss program or diet, it is often advised not to eat over 7 pm because it is believed to be fat. Is it true?

One of the things that must be considered so that the body does not become fat is to regulate the balance between incoming and outgoing energy. If the incoming energy is greater than that issued then automatically the weight will increase.

Until now there is no scientific basis that shows that eating over 7 hours a night can cause weight gain, as long as the balance of energy is maintained, as quoted from Livestrong, Saturday (06/18/2011).

But generally there are some behavioral and biological changes that occur so as to change the balance of energy one has. One is at night a person tends to have less physical activity than during the day, thus making the energy out to be a little bit.

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If he ate foods from micronutrients that have high calorific value, then the excess calories will be stored as fat in the body. Generally energy derived from carbohydrates and protein by 4 calories / gram while the fat of 9 calories / gram.

If you want to eat at night should give a minimum of 2-3 hours before bedtime, and do not eat foods with the number of calories larger than the calories issued. At night the calories burned tend to be less, so the food consumed is not as much as during lunch.

So can not make the 7th hour of the night as the last limit people can eat, because it is also influenced by what time the person will sleep and the speed of his metabolism.

The daily energy expenditure comes from the metabolic rate that the person has while he is resting (influenced by age, weight and sex), the amount of energy needed to digest and absorb food and physical activity.

In general, the more the body's metabolism rate in digesting food will be slower. Therefore if he consume heavy food some time before bed, then automatically the food is not fully digested properly which makes it easy to be converted into fat.