The effect of lack exercise and vit b to men

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By bert dell 548 days ago

Due to lack of vitamin B a person is easily susceptible to tingling. This tingling occurs because the nerve function decreases. The body should not have vitamin B deficiency because one of its source every day is consumed, that is rice. However, this vitamin can not be stored by the body because it dissolves in water. Therefore, although every day consume rice, a person may be deficient in vitamin B due to the body's metabolism does not absorb this vitamin. Less exercise can also cause a person to suffer from tingling. This tingling feeling is not just like being surrounded by ants, but with a bad taste in the fingertips. In fact, a sense of tingling may turn into heat.

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Discomfort to the end of the fingers is caused by very low blood pressure. When reaching the ends of the body less swift flow. To restore the blood flow back to normal to the ends of the body, only exercise should be done. If activity and exercise more routinely done and the tingling was reduced, meaning the cause of the tingling mouth is this weakened blood flow.

However, if it turns out the addition has not reduced the level of tingling, taking vitamin B supplements is also no harm. Moreover, if the intake of vitamin B daily is not sufficient, or being diet or vegetarian, is very risk of vitamin B deficiency. Therefore, additional vitamin B, and foods rich in vitamins is worth noting. In addition to meat, many B vitamins in grains such as brown rice and green beans. However, when processing foods containing vitamin B should be considered well. Washing too clean rice or soaking the green beans for too long will dissolve the content of vitamin B. Consuming processed products like this of course will not get intake of vitamin B.