The unusual variations you can try for body training

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By bert dell 546 days ago

Motion variation is the key to hypertrophy and increased strength. According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, exercise protocols that utilize fixed intensity (a relatively fixed load) with varying motions will be more efficient in enhancing strength.

Well, in order for your strength to increase, stop fixating on the same motion-that's all. Try out some of the following movement variations designed to maximize the benefits for your muscles.
1. Chest: 180-Degree Twisting Dumbbell Bench Press

This movement takes advantage of the twist when pushing the load so you can get the benefits of regular grip and reverse grip in each rep.

In chest exercises, perform this movement at the beginning of the session with 8-12 reps each set. Get the shape first before you add the load. The usual loads you use on a regular dumbbell bench press may be too heavy for this movement.

How to move:

    Lie on the flat bench while holding two dumbbells with a standard grip and arms outstretched in front of the chest.
    Slowly lower the dumbbell to the side of the chest. Then, push the load while rotating your hand 180 degrees, until the position of your palms towards the face. Hold the load at the top of the movement for two seconds.
    Keep your shoulders down during movement to maximize pectoral muscle work.

2. Shoulder: Single-Joint Raise With Pattern 21

This tricet movement combines three single-dumbbell joints, each of which is 7 reps. Perform this movement at the end of the session where you have completed every shoulder press and single-delt motion movement. Perform 3 sets of 21 reps each.

How to move:

    Begin a bent position with a firm core. Look down.
    Perform the first 7 rep with overhand grip (palm facing backwards). Move the load extends outward while contrasting your back delt.
    For the next 7 rep, stand up and do a lateral raise for the middle delt.
    Bend again in the last 7 rep and do forward raise with hammer grip.

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3. Biceps and Lower Arms: Zottman Curl
Through this one movement, you can train biceps and forearms simultaneously. The positive phase (when lifting weights) focuses on the biceps, while the movement's negative phase focuses on the forearm. Because this movement can not be done with a load that is too heavy, do zottman curl at the end of your biceps training routine.

How to move:

    Handle dumbbell with underhand grip and do curl normally. Keep your elbows stuck to your sides.
    Pause at the top of the movement, then turn the wrist so that the palm faces down. Lower the load in a controlled manner.

4. Feet: Box Squat One Half Rep

Through a simple variation of techniques from regular squats, you can gain a bigger and stronger leg muscles. This movement combines partial rep and full range of motion that makes your leg muscles work harder.

If not exercising strength, do this at the beginning of the exercise for a set of 6-10 individual rep. If you are exercising strength, do a regular set first before doing variations of this movement.

How to move:

    Set a box (or bench) a few feet behind the squat rack. The box height should be below the knee. Put a load on your trap muscle.
    Position yourself in front of the box with feet shoulder width apart.
    Lower the body until the box, hold for a moment but keep the muscles tight.
    Raise back half the position, then slowly back down to the box in control.
    Touch the box, then push the body back to the explosive start position. Keep the cores tight during rep.

5. Back: Barbell Rack Row

This technique can increase the thickness of your back muscles. This is because you start row from the shelf in each rep, so break the momentum that is on the regular barbell row. This forces you to recruit more muscle fibers.

Perform this movement at the beginning of the session as many as three sets of each 6-10 rep. Make sure your back stays straight. When your back starts to curve, immediately stop the set you do.