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By bert dell 1278 days ago

Many think that automatic weight training increases muscle mass. In fact, adding muscle mass while increasing physical strength is a pretty complicated thing. Need nutrition, timing, recovery, and more exercise.

To answer your confusion about increasing muscle mass, here's the answer from celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson for some questions about the gain mass, quoted from  
Should I put dietary rather than exercise? Or is it the other way around?

Prioritizing one, diet or exercise program, will appear on your final result. In other words, you must do both in a balanced way to reap the optimal results.

"When either your diet or exercise pattern misses, others should keep up," Peterson said. "But, your practice can not mask a bad diet, and vice versa. Both must be balanced, like Yin and Yang. "
Is raising the "bad" masses true?

Good nutrition will make you energize and nurture muscles. Meanwhile, less nutritious nutrients, such as foods high in fat, rich in sugar, and have empty calories, can accumulate in the wrong place. "You need extra quality calories, not just extra calories."

"After understanding this, timing is also worth your attention. You're the difference between consuming 200 grams of protein in the morning by night, or dividing it into five 40-gram dishes to consume throughout the day. Do not believe? You can try it yourself. "
Do I need to consume carbohydrates?

In short, YES. Carbohydrates are important to supply energy and increase muscle mass. "Carbohydrates get a bad reputation because people read articles about it halfway," he explained.

"Look at the benefits (long-term energy for complex carboards and short-term energy for simple carboards) and use wisely with the right timings."
Means I can only consume complex carbohydrates?

Not really. Which type of carbohydrate is quickly or slowly ingested-which you must consume depends on several factors. "It depends on when your exercise and how long you took the carbohydrates."
What else should be in my diet?

The type of healthy food you should eat to raise the masses is just the same as food when you want to build your abdominal muscles. You just need to consume more and reduce cardio.

"You need enough quality protein for recovery and prevent the breakdown of muscle mass you've got," Peterson explains. "You also need green vegetables to launch the digestive system, nutrients to prevent you pain, and complex carbohydrates for energy."
I'm ektomorf. Will I be skinny forever?
"Eat more, sleep more, and exercise more," he said. "Keep adding those three components in your daily life, then your body shape will follow."

The same principle applies to endomorphs. Genetic traits may be limiting, but ultimately your efforts to meet exercise and nutrition and not to give up just because of your weight gain (or decrease) take longer.
Should I take weight gain supplements?
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Nothing wrong if you expect a little help from the supplement. Although whole foods should take precedence, Peterson recommends consuming mass gainer when necessary.

"Natural food remains the top choice. Weight gainers and supplements are additional ones that can be used when necessary. "
How often should I eat?

"The answer to this question may vary. But personally, I assume that it is safe for three hours, "he advised. "I know someone who wakes up after four hours of sleep to drink protein shakes, then sleeps again for the next four hours. I'm not suggesting, but it's possible, "Peterson said.

Buddy Fitnes, I hope you are satisfied with the answers to the above questions. Start saying goodbye to your skinny body!