Don't change your menu with mere juices

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By bert dell 1157 days ago

Fruit juice is thick textured and can filling. No wonder if this intake is often used as a substitute for a heavy diet, especially in those who are programs to lose weight.

But the fact is, can fruit juice be a substitute for eating for the slim body? According to a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Marina Chaparro, RD, the answer is no.

"Although high in fiber, the food can not still be replaced with juice.If you replace the meal schedule with the consumption of juice alone, then you are likely to quickly hungry again and even lack of certain nutrients," said Chaparro.

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Chaparro explained, the juice is basically fixed drinks and drinks can not be used as a substitute for whole foods. When you are hungry again and still keep from eating, the body will become increasingly deprived of energy.

"Especially if you rely on bottled juice that usually contains high sugar, blood sugar levels can jump and make you more want to eat other sweet foods constantly," he added.

In the first week you replace heavy meals with juice, weight loss is indeed possible. However, Chaparro emphasized that this condition is generally only temporary. The weight dropped is the water mass, making it easy to climb back.

"After a week or two undergoing such a habit, weight will gradually rise again," Chaparro said.

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