The rules of following the quick weight loss program

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By bert dell 1155 days ago

When you want to apply GM diet aka General Motors, there are some important rules that you need to apply. One of them is to choose your food menu within the next 7 days. Yes, this method requires you to follow a diet program with a predetermined menu.

As stated by nutritionist from Lagizi, Novia Akmaliyah, S.Gz, that in applying GM diet then every day you are only allowed to consume foods that have been determined by this program.

For example on the first day, Novia explained you are only allowed to consume fruits. You can eat as much fruit as you want. All fruits are allowed banana kecuiali. It is advisable to consume more melons and watermelons.

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"The second day is only allowed to consume vegetables, either cooked or raw, other options can also add potatoes as a source of food, can be cooked by stir-fry, soup, boiled or made pecel but the spice must be limited," said Novia.

Then on the third day, you can only eat fruits and vegetables. There is no limited portion in consuming these vegetables and fruits. But similar to the rules on the first day, consumption of bananas is still avoided.

Well, only later on the fourth day, you are advised to eat bananas at most up to 8 pieces. You are also encouraged to drink low-fat milk up to three glasses. Especially for those of you who have lactose intolerance, cow's milk can be replaced with soy essence.

"On the fifth day, you are encouraged to eat meat and tomatoes, beef can be replaced with skinless chicken or tofu and tempeh for vegetarians," he added.

On the sixth day, you are only allowed to consume as much meat and vegetables as desired. But remember, you are not allowed to consume it with rice or other foods. On the seventh day, you are slowly allowed to return to the regular diet with the recommended menu of brown rice, fruit juice, and vegetables.