bad diet can also cause stress

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By bert dell 1268 days ago

Everyone would want to have an ideal body, including men. Well for the sake of getting the ideal body one of them of course with a diet, such as low-carbohydrate diet. But it turns out when men's diet is more susceptible to stress.

"Men are more susceptible to stress due to higher activity than women, which means they need more male energy," Dr dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK (K) said in a conversation with  Health recently.

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Dr. Samuel said stress can occur when men undergo a diet that requires the cutting of calories or carbohydrates consumed. So he advised men to diet slowly.

"If men want to diet it is more gradual aja.Not need to reduce intake a lot," continued the doctor who practices at this Siloam Hospital MRCCC.

Interestingly, Dr. Samuel explains that men will more easily lose weight while on a diet. For compared to women, men have more muscle where it serves as a place of fat metabolism.

"Like a stove if a man has four for burning fat, while women have only one," said the father of three children.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Samuel all aged susceptible to stress when undergoing low-carbohydrate diet.
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