Update 1.8 for the division games

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By bert dell 1233 days ago

Last August Ubisoft Massive announced that it will bring a new update to Tom Clancy's The Division game.

Update version 1.8 is said to be presenting new areas to explore and new features for free for the players of The Division. Recently Ubisoft Massive finally announced the release time, which is next week. The exact release date will be announced on December 4th tomorrow.

This update will present a new battle area, West Side Pier which is one of the western coastal sides in New york. In addition, Update 1.8 will also present two new game modes.

The Division Update 1.8 will present a new story, with three enemy factions - Rikers, Cleaners, and Last Man Battalion starting to push and retreat to the West Side Pier area.

The thing that made the situation worse was that the three chose to cooperate and considered The Division as their main enemy. This makes West Side Pier one of the most dangerous areas.

Your job as one of the Division's agents certainly took over West Side Pier from these criminals. West Side Pier itself is one of the most iconic areas in New York. In the area there is "Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum" which also features the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid.

While the two new game modes are Resistance and Skirmish. There is not much information about the two new modes for now, but Skirmish is definitely a new mode for PvP that seems to be showing simulated battles between players.
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