and the Gaming ROG G752 powered by?

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By bert dell 1117 days ago

After a long wait, ASUS finally presents the latest line of gaming laptops, ROG G752. The presence of this gaming laptop further reinforce ASUS 'commitment to continue to offer gaming products that qualified for the gamers.

ROG G752 has a special design by adopting the concept of the Iron Man-style look by using Titanium Gray material and copper material content. Thus, the adaptation is claimed to have a strong influence on this gaming notebook. In addition to the attractive design, ROG G752 pinned VGA card with the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX980M with DDR5 VRAM support of 8 GB.

Design G752 looks

G752 gaming notebooks have two different variants of the capacity side of internal memory and graphics. However all models support Nvidia G-Sync technology. In general, the feature is useful to enhance the game experience to be more perfect by eliminating lag or tearing interference (frame broken) by offering synchronization between the screen rendering and GPU. The sophistication of the graphics card is also coupled with ASUS 'proprietary technology called TurboGear that lets you overclock GPUs to improve performance while playing games

There is also a cooling system that is required in every gaming laptop to ensure the comfort and security of the device remains good even if used in high-performance intensity. As a gaming laptop, ROG G752 has dual copper technology cooling system to maximize GPU and CPU performance.

ASUS also designed the ROG G752 with 3D Vapor Pipe Chamber. Thus, ROG G752 is the first laptop in the world to use such technology. When heat reproduction starts to occur on the CPU and GPU components, it will be immediately neutralized by the liquid (liquid) contained in the vapor chamber.

ROG G752 is the first laptop in the world that uses 3D Vapor Pipe Chamber technology

Not only that, ROG G752 also has a hot management solution called Anti Dust Thermal Tunnel. This feature is exclusively designed to remove dust and dirt that may accumulate on the fan so it does not stick to heatpipe. This will improve the performance of the cooling system.

Of course, the ROG G752 is equipped with a special keyboard to enhance the gameplay experience such as the addition of Anti Ghosting feature and macro button that allows gamers to press 30 buttons at the same time without any interruption. The gamers will also be further facilitated with 5 macro buttons as well as Recording Key button to record the game being accessed. You can record the course of the game using the button located on the macro button. The keyboard itself is designed with a 2.5 mm dimension to ensure optimal comfort while playing the game.
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The gamers will feel satisfied playing with the G752 keybord

Various excellent features found on the ROG G752 include Intel Core i7-6700HQ Skylake processor, Full HD screen, and PCIE4 SSD type storage and Windows operating system 10. There is also an NVMe-based interface that makes SSD faster in processing commands. Sequence read ability increased to 1,423 MB / s compared to 914 MB / s AHCI interface technology. while the sequential write speed becomes 2,236 MB / s. The process offers the system runs faster so that the gameplay runs more smoothly.

Another special feature of the game is GameFirst III software that provides an optimum gamer experience either when playing online or offline. This feature allocates a larger Internet bandwidth capacity for games being played. GameFirst III will also minimize the disruption that arises when playing games online which is usually ditegarai by decreasing the quality of the Internet network due to consumption of data is divided for other activities such as browsing, downloading, and others.

Not to forget the features of the audio system perfecting called Nahimic Sound that makes the fans of the game FPS (First Person Shooter) was satisfied thanks to the presence of an impressive sound when playing games. This feature is also able to muffle noise noise so that video calls or communication is being done fellow gamers run smoothly without background noise disturbance.