AMD problem with radeon vega Graphics Card market

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By bert dell 1136 days ago

Currently, AMD is reported to still not be able to market the Radeon RX Vega in large quantities. This is partly due to the large demand that has not been met properly by those appointed by AMD to produce GPU Vega, namely GlobalFoundries and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE). Now, for the next GPU Vega, AMD is called perhaps pointing to different manufacturers.

RX Vega itself uses a production process that is quite different from the GPU in general, which is caused because the GPU must be paired with HBM2 memory before being sent to the video card manufacturers. RX Vega GPU itself is produced by GlobalFoundries, while the task of pairing GPU with HBM2 is done by ASE. Because yields have not been satisfactory, AMD is said to have been looking for manufacturing companies to replace both for Vega 11 and Vega 20.
New Manufacturing Guidelines for Vega 11 and Vega 20

For Vega 11, which is referred to as the mainstream variant of Vega 10, AMD is called to appoint Siliconware Precision Industries as the main production partner. This means that the company will exchange roles with ASE, where ASE will only handle a small portion of Vega 11 production. Siliconware Precision Industries itself currently handles a small portion of Vega 10 integration with HBM2.

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As for Vega 20, AMD might just transfer production to TSMC. This is in line with the 7 nm fabrication process for Vega 20, where maybe TSMC is considered more ready than GlobalFoundries. However, considering that AMD has a close relationship with GlobalFoundries, AMD may not fully transfer Vega 20 production to TSMC.