Carbs and the variation or benefit for your diet

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By bert dell 316 days ago

For carbohydrates, the choices vary. Don't just stick to rice. Try tubers like potatoes, cassava to corn. If you choose potatoes, try eating them with the skin unpeeled for a higher fiber content.

The amount of rice that needs to be eaten for a 1500 calorie diet is around 100 grams or six tablespoons. When choosing potatoes, you need to eat two medium sized potatoes. Reduce the amount to one fruit if the diet is 1200 calories.

When it comes to protein, choose low-fat protein sources such as fish and skinless chicken. Tofu and can also be an option. Nuts also contain carbohydrates, so if you choose a side dish of tofu , you can reduce the portion of carbohydrates.

For a snack or snack, it's best to choose fresh fruit, not processed snacks that are high in calories. Avoid unnecessary consumption of sugar such as in packaged drinks.

"The energy needs of adult women can reach 1700-1800 calories. With this diet, plus exercise, the calorie deficit will still be achieved,"  

"Basically people get fat because there is a surplus of energy," he continued.

Energy intake from food that is much more than the energy expended causes obesity. Apart from physical activity such as sports, energy is used by the body for the basic metabolic rate. As a person gets older, calorie burning slows down, making it harder to lose weight. The choice of food eaten is also important.
also explained about the thermal effects of food, namely the energy the body needs for metabolic processes. Protein and foods that are not highly processed have a higher thermal effect than carbohydrates and fats. So, the energy expended is even greater.

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