The reason PS5 games console has bigger size

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By bert dell 311 days ago

Sony's latest console does look different then the rest of console you know so far. When most of consoles are made to stand horizontally, PS5 comes with its vertical stand to support better air flow.

Yujin morisawa from sony shared a little story about why the console is bigger than expected.

PS5 comes to utilize the best hardware to use and give optimal performance for gamers. Therefore, it needs enough room to "breathe", and maintain the stable temperature.

Interestingly, the first design of PS5 games console is bigger then the final version as you can see today. On the development, the team managed to reduce the size successfully.

Moreover, the design team behind PS5 console believe if each console must have their own unique identity. And they wanted to show something entirely new so gamers can feel different atmosphere than usual.

Eventually you can see something simple from the console, but also richer from the previous generation especially the controller.

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