The latest rumor regarding RTX 3060

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By bert dell 302 days ago

RTX 3060 ti presence seems to be quite mysterious, since when the first time introduced, you won't find the middle version from it.

According to new source, there are rumors about the Ti version from RTX 3060 series from the vendors such MSI with gaming trio, Ventus and Twin fan, and MSI is known as one of the best GPU supplier for both AMD and Nvidia.

It's expected that the new video card will use 8GB memory, and it will be ready in the end of the year. Given the price position, it's an exciting choice for gamers if they're looking a middle class GPU for their rig.

Unfortunately, there's no clear information about the gpu yet from Nvidia, so we must wait a little if the rumours is true or not.

Certainly getting a new gpu would be something amazing for your pc especially if you are really into gaming, so visit and find more choice for the rig.