This dangerous diet can make you gain weight instead

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By bert dell 156 days ago

In 2017, an online community of women, especially the anorexia community, once encouraged each other to take sedatives. The goal is that they can sleep at least 14-15 hours a day which aims to avoid feeling hungry in the hope that they will lose weight. Since then, this diet method has been called the sleeping beauty diet.

Like the sleeping beauty fairy tale of the long-term sleep, this diet method encourages a person to sleep for a dozen hours. This will prevent hunger and temptation to eat and hopefully lose weight.

There are indeed many diet methods that are commonly used by many people. However, the sleeping beauty diet method is considered to be harmful to the perpetrator's body and also his life.

Some of the threats that can occur if you follow this weight loss trend are not unreal. The human body needs nutritious and nutritious intake at all times. So, replacing this intake with sleep will be tantamount to harming ourselves.

said that the sleeping beauty diet is not a safe diet method. By doing this diet method, life can also be at stake.

Likewise reported from Cosmopolitan, in fact the human body if sleeping for several days continuously will not make it thin. This diet has not been proven to be a safe and effective way to help with weight loss in any way. The danger, if misused, can also lead to death.

Linia also revealed that people who follow the sleeping beauty diet also have the potential to be addicted to sedative pills and of course this is not good news.
A person who has been addicted to sedative pills could mean that one day you may not wake up at all.

Instead of being a diet method, excess sleep can lead to obesity.
A study has shown that people who sleep for 9-10 hours per night are more likely to be obese.

A sleeping beauty diet that relies on time to sleep will certainly make a person longer to sleep and can be linked to a number of medical problems such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as an increased risk of death.

Given all the dangers of this extreme diet, it is not advisable to follow this diet trend. Adequate sleep is important for managing stress and obesity. But too much sleep can be dangerous too.

If you want to lose weight, find and see a nutritionist or clinical nutrition specialist. They will advise you on how to lose weight in a safe and effective way and how to maintain it.

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