Goal of cooling down after practicing the exercise

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By bert dell 97 days ago

Cooling down is an important part of sports activities. Cooling down is usually done after exercise.

Cooling down is a closing movement in a series of sports activities.

Cooling down is a movement that relaxes or relaxes the body's muscles that have previously been doing sports activities.

Meanwhile, the characteristic of cooling is that the intensity of the movement decreases over time.

Cooling done by athletes during training aims for interval training.

A cool-down generally consists of light aerobic or cardiovascular movement with stretching.

The goal of cooling down is to reduce the heart rate and gradually relax the muscles.

Cooling movements that are done properly and correctly can return the body to its original state.

Light cardiovascular exercise such as jogging or walking will gradually lower your body temperature and lower your heart rate. While stretching helps relax the muscles properly.

Here are the benefits of doing cooling movements after doing sports activities.

    Normalize blood pressure and body temperature
    Relax muscles
    Helps reduce muscle fatigue
    Exercise muscle flexibility
    Prevent injury
    Reduce joint tension  
    Reduce the risk of cramps

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