Find Out What Golden Root Can Do For Your Anxiety Levels

Stress and anxiety has never been more omnipresent in our day-to-day lives than it is these days. Today's society has grown to become a highly demanding arena where you have to fight tooth and nail to achieve what you need. Fortunately with additional media coverage people are now becoming more conscious of the dangerous results of stress, compared to a decade ago, and are now turning toward a much healthier solution in battling anxiousness. Among the fastest growing remedies is a botanical herb called Rhodiola Rosea.

This herb has been around for centuries and has been a key element in European and Asian health systems. In Russia, where it is better known as golden root, it has been the herb of choice for the military, cosmonauts, and sportsmen due to its success in eliminating low feelings, emotional stress andtiredness especially for those assigned to Siberia and other severe weather and high altitude postings. Furthermore it is thought to enhance the immune system enabling your body to protect against ailments and increase vitality. Thankfully, people in the west are now becoming far more knowledgeable about the qualities of this amazing herb.

While many medical research studies in the past were performed in Russia, there is an increased interest in the west to try and learn the possible overall health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea and other so called adaptogenic herbs. Various clinics around the world are doing their own studies concentrating on Rhodiola Rosea's ability to help combat particular day-to-day health problems for example chronic tiredness, anti aging, cardio vascular disorders, low mood and anxiety. Research is concentrating on the chance that the natural compounds discovered in Rosea Rhodiola may have a balancing effect on the chemical substances in the human brain and the neuro-transmitters serotonin and dopamine. It could also have a beneficial effect on the opioid proteins for instance beta-endorphins.

Although many Russian reports are not available in the west there is lots of historical evidence that Rhodiola Rosea is a useful substance in enhancing everyday health. In one Russian study, released to the rest of the world right after the cold war, from 100 subjects at least 75 % of the patients reported a substantial increase in mood and mental alertness. An alternative study indicated that intellectual competencies were enhanced and that those who took part in the assessments showed a major decrease in their errors when proofreading and editing.

Given that botanical herbs including Rhodiola have long been widely used in Scandinavia, myth has it that the Viking's used to have it before heading into combat, research has been performed in that part of the world. In one study, a Swedish college determined that Rhodiola exerted an anti-fatigue effect and increased mental performance, in particular the capacity to concentrate. They speculated that this might be because Rhodiola has the ability to reduce cortisols reaction.

Even though more research is required, there's definitely a good amount of evidence from the places where Rhodiola Rosea has been routinely used that it can be valuable in balancing moods and have a favorable benefit in your life. Just how long has it been since you were feeling very stress-free? We all need to thoroughly chill out from time to time but once that luxurious health spa trip or beach getaway has ended, we return to the rat race. Rosea Rhodiola, is a good solution to start banishing the doldrums and make stress something of the past.